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Have you heard the saying, “thoughts become things”?  Well, we believe that our subconscious thoughts which we repeat to ourselves on a daily basis, have a deep impact on our lives.  In other words, whether we realize it or not, our inner thoughts have a great effect on our outer world.  So if yo...

It’s important to note that being a “morning person” isn’t just about your morning practices.

Your nighttime routine and sleep hygiene are also extremely important.

Here are a few ways I try and keep my nighttime routine consistent to get the best rest and wake-up ready, energized & feeling good.

Personal growth doesn't have to be a hype word; it can be small practical changes that spark a bit of interest in doing something good for your mind body or soul.
after the call, when I let myself feel the frustration … it went away. I was able to surrender into a deeper state within myself. A deeper being. In that I was reminded in the beauty of being human. We are never done, so we may as well enjoy the ride. & allow the other humans in your life to be human too.