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Staying Motivated While WFH

Are you feeling it too? 

It's been about one year of this new WFH routine and I can't lie, some days (okay most days) it is seriously hard to stay motivated.

Today I wanted to share five things, that help me get through the days feeling more positive and productive. 

 work from home routine

1. Creating A Routine: Work-time, me-time & everything in-between 

For me this helps maintain some sort of "normalcy"

Scheduling out my days can look like writing a hand-written to do list in my planner of everything I need to get done but also carving out times to do so. 

This helps me stay motivated, present and keep me productive. 

On days when I don't have an agenda I can find myself and my thoughts all over the place, I'm easily distracted and usually procrastinating. 
It's also extremely important to note that this includes time to "log-off"

working from home can often mean, moving from your kitchen table to your couch.. and sometimes there is no clear boundaries between work life and personal time and I've found that scheduling my days really helps me with this. 

2. Getting Dressed / Ready 

This is definitely a game-changer when it comes to my mood.

Doing my skincare and getting dressed always helps me feel like I am more ready for the day. 

I really love our sheer robes while working from home, I usually wear a short + tank set underneath but it's really comfortable and makes truly makes me feel luxe while working at my desk all day. 

I don't like to wear makeup when I am at home but I do wear a Supergoop tinted sunscreen, this makes me feel slightly put together and I'm protecting my skin. I always feel 1000x better when my hair is washed and styled.  

And I can't forget my jewelry. I always wear layers of necklaces, earrings and rings, Like my robe it truly just elevates my mood! 

3. Filling your space with things that spark joy 

It's truly is the simple things. Filling my space with things that spark joy for me helps raise my mood throughout the day
I usually have: a candle burning throughout the day, my crystals around the apartment and next to my laptop while I work, fresh flowers/ plants, music (chill lo-fi is usually on in the background) and a keeping a variety of teas stocked. 

 4. Visionboard next to my desk

At the end of 2020 I created a 2021 vision board on Pinterest. I decided to print out all the photos and tape them next to my desk (aka kitchen table) where I spend the most time every day. 

While I'm working I look over and I'm constantly reminded to envision the life I want, it helps me to stay motivated and really keeps my creative juices flowing. 

5. Daily movement 

Exercise is great for your physical health but also plays a factor in your mental and emotional wellbeing.

While I'm counting down the days until I can workout outside again, I've been trying my best to workout daily in my apartment. 

On days where I really can't muster the motivation sometimes I get a coffee and go for a long walk, while listening to a podcast.

The fresh air, vitamin D and movement always makes me feel better afterwards. 

How have you been getting through your work from home routine this year? Share your tips with us in the comments! 

As always, thank you for reading, sending love and light! 

work from home routine

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