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Nighttime Routine & Sleep Hygiene

Last year I shared my 6-step morning routine but as more and more people ask about it, I think it’s important to note that being a “morning person” isn’t just about your morning practices. 

Your nighttime routine and sleep hygiene are also extremely important. 

Here are a few ways I try and keep my nighttime routine consistent to get the best rest and wake-up ready, energized & feeling good. 

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1.Clean your sheets and pillowcases often 

(use a natural detergent that is fragrance free) 
We all love that fresh sheet feeling, need I say more? But in all seriousness, this is the first and easiest step to making sure you feel comfortable. You spend a lot of time in your sheets, make sure you are cleaning them with a detergent that is non-toxic. 


2. Start Your Routine Earlier 

I get it, this isn’t always possible, especially if you have others you’re caring for. 
However, if you can, try and do your nighttime routine a bit earlier; aim for an hour before you’re going to be in bed. 
Instead of rushing to get yourself ready for bed, and just dropping into bed because you’re exhausted; try and take your time. Enjoy your skincare routine, have a calming herbal tea, focus on your breath, mentally/ physically unwind and prepare yourself for a good nights rest.

3. Be aware of the energy you bring into your bedroom. 

This one is so important. For me, the bedroom should be a place for rest, relaxation and intimacy so I try and maintain that energy in the space.

Leave the stresses of the day, outside the bedroom. 

A few rules that help me with this are:
1. No screens in my bedroom, no TV and no laptop.
2. No food in bed. Yes, I think the occasional leisurely Sunday brunch in bed is fine, but again it’s all about the energy, a leisurely brunch vs. binge watching a reality television show while binge eating junk food are very different vibrations.
3. Cleanse the energy in your room regularly.

(even if you’re in a studio apartment, try and maintain a calming space as much as possible, even if that is strictly your bed.)


4. Make Sure You Can’t Reach Your Phone From Bed

Just like your phone is not the first thing you look at in the morning, it should not be the last thing you look at before bed. Along with the TV, leave it in the living room if you can. If you need to wake up with an alarm, make sure your phone is not within arms reach or try using a traditional alarm clock.


5. Avoid Blue Light & Light a Candle Instead

Because we know we should be avoiding the blue light of our devices before bed, In that hour before bed I like to light a candle in my room, while doing an activity the will get me ready for a good nights rest, Ie. listening to a podcast, meditating, journalling or reading.


6. Avoid Heavy Meals & Alcohol Before Bed

Try and avoid drinking alcohol and eating before bed especially a heavy meal or anything high in sugar. This can lead to disrupting your sleep cycle. Give your body time to digest before you sleep, this will also effect how you feel when waking up the next morning. 


7. Be aware of what you’re thinking before you fall asleep

Giving gratitude before you sleep is a great way to end the day on a positive note. Instead of thinking of all the things that went wrong that day, or all the things you have to do tomorrow just and be present and be grateful for everything you have in that exact moment. It can be as simple as, I am thankful for the goodnight’s rest I am about to have. 

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