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Honouring Feelings

Contributor: Niki 

From: Toronto, Canada

Sign: Aquarius

Job title: Art Director / Multi-media Artist

Social: @niki_saint @weirdaffirmations

Favourite way to Celebrate Everyday: Finding the courage to do something each day that is bettering me, even if it scares the shit out of me. 

page 01 journal

I have to be completely transparent. Since COVID, my days are weird.

I try my hardest to journal daily, but it usually is about 2- 3 x a week. I do it to express my feelings, gratitude, thoughts and goals. 

Often, these journal pages find me when I'm looking for inspiration and are the root of many pieces I create. 

i've prioritized asking myself "how i am feeling in my body?" regularly throughout the day. and honouring whatever comes up. 

allowing myself time and space to move my body and intuitively listen to what it needs, i've created a new sense of trust within myself (which of course, ebs and flows) but this awareness is a practice. 

a gentle reminder to be kind to myself. but to always push to move forward. with love.

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