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Being H[you]man

Contributor: Courtney McCullough

From: Toronto, Canada

Sign: Aries


Job Title: Psychotherapist & Manifestation Coach

Favourite way to Celebrate Everyday: Gratitude & dancing 

Courtney McCullough

I had a coaching session today and I felt a lot of resistance to the emotions that were coming up in me.. I was like, no, let’s keep going, I want to get some clarity on my business, I don’t want to look at that frustration.

It felt so palpable that I was getting frustrated with my coach too. I was thinking, this feels like therapy and I did not sign up for that today.

It got to a point with therapy for me that I had had enough of the “sitting with it”… I’m more interested in creating solutions I thought.

It wasn’t until after the session that it hit me.
this is the clarity…

I am frustrated because I was feeling that I’m never fast enough. 

Might be part of the reason why I cringe when I watch people run down the beach on horses while there is a man running with a whip behind them.

I felt like the man and the horse… I was whipping myself while simultaneously feeling exhausted and not wanting to run anymore.

I cancelled my dinner plans and went slow. I lost the desire for the clarity and still got it.

We need more help being human, not making 20 million a year.
We need more help feeling, healing and dealing then earning more, buying more and being more.

Not that having money isn’t amazing, we need to slow down to enjoy the process and not the outcome.

To celebrate the everyday wins, the everyday moments and allow yourself to feel it all.

after the call, when I let myself feel the frustration without trying to eat it away, socialize it away or run it away… it went away. I was able to surrender into a deeper state within myself. A deeper being.

In that I was reminded in the beauty of being human.

We are never done, so we may as well enjoy the ride.

& allow the other humans in your life to be human too. 

Slow down and be. 



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